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Bible and pulpit

What is taught from the pulpit…

Our church is a group of people seeking to love Christ and others. In doing that we believe it is important to collectively confess the truths of Scripture with clarity so as to affirm our unity in the doctrines found there. We find this important not only for our sakes, in the aiding of the unity of our local body

but also for the sake of all looking on who wonder what sort of teaching they may find here. 

Therefore we are a confessional church and find that the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith conveys what we believe accurately. The 1689 confession is by no means to be taken as an absolute authority, for Scripture alone can hold such a position, but simply be an assistance to us as it offers a detailed summary of what we believe. 

We recognize that this confession is only beneficial in so far as it is in alignment with the Bible, that is the Holy Scriptures, and should therefore never be used as a standard of truth. If at any time it should be found to be false by the examination of God’s Word (the Bible) then it should thus be abandoned with enthusiasm. 


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When we consider membership here at GCC we are considering and thinking about discipleship. Our membership process is essentially a discipleship process that is meant to give us an opportunity to get to know you while discipling you. We also hope that during this time you will learn, more in depth, what we believe and teach. Learn more.

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