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Kids of Grace is a ministry dedicated to creating and producing high-quality teaching materials for the benefit of children and their families as they seek to know more about God and His Word. With the Bible as the foundation of truth, we love to teach from it in fun and creative ways so that God may be glorified.

Know Truth and Live It Out!

With so many lies trying to capture the attention of our children these days, we find it all the more important to invest in instructing them on what is true. How will they know the truth if we do not teach it to them? It seems like a simple thought but is not often really considered.

Our Lord instructed us not to store our treasures on this earth where they will decay but to store our treasures in heaven where there is no decay (Matt 6:19-20). We believe that one way we can follow this command is by instructing our children in the ways of the Lord. This often means sacrificing our time and effort in order to do this faithfully but we should rejoice in the great privilege of having these little ones entrusted to us by our heavenly Father. With that in mind, we hope that the Kids of Grace resources you find here will be a help and benefit for you and the little ones in your life. Let’s teach them the truth so that they can learn to live it out!

Kids of Grace Video Productions

Christ centered training for the next generation!

All of the Kids of Grace video series, produced by GCC, are meant to teach your children the great truths of the Bible. They are fun, entertaining, and best of all they communicate timeless truths!

Big Questions Bigger Answers Series

Episode 1 || Who Made You?

Episode 2 || Why Did God Make You?

Episode 3 || Why Are You To Glorify God?

Episode 4 || Is There More Than One True God?

Episode 5 || What Is God?

Episode 6 || Where is God?

Episode 7 || Can you see God?

Episode 8 || Does God know all things?

Episode 9 || Who wrote the Bible?

Christmas Video

Christmas Special // Jesus Is King & Worthy Of Worship