Membership process

Membership to a local body of believers is an essential part of every born again Christian because it is imperative that we are rightly related to the body of Christ. Outlined below is the 5 step process we use when considering new members.

1| Discipleship

Join a discipleship group and complete two courses: Tell the Truth (Evangelism) and The Great Doctrines of the Bible.

2 | Membership Class

Once those have been completed, attend a membership class which is an opportunity to learn more about GCC and our beliefs.

3 | Interview with the Pastors

This will be a chance for you to share your personal testimony with the Pastors and ask any specific questions you may have.

3 | Feedback

After the interview with the pastors, the other members of GCC will be asked for their feedback.

5 | Welcome Lunch

Once the Church’s feedback is received, we will have a new members lunch to welcome you to the fellowship of GCC.

Have Questions?

If still have questions you can contact our pastors at