Grace Community Church: A Reformed Baptist Church

A Reformed Baptist Church is a church that belongs to a group of churches seeking to return to the Biblical doctrines and practices specified in the pages of the New Testament. We are not seeking to create anything new but to return to our Baptist roots grounded in the Scriptures and the Protestant Reformation. 

Want to know more about our doctrinal beliefs? Read the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith here.

What To Expect When You Visit

Visiting a new place can be intimidating, especially if you’re visiting a new church. We are excited about your visit, and we want to share a few things you can expect when you come to Grace Community Church of Berea.

You could be thinking, “Do the men wear ties?” or “How long does the service last?” and while these questions are valid, they don’t necessarily speak to what we believe to be most important about our church. 

The most important thing you can expect from Grace is our emphasis on God’s Word. Since all Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for correction, and for training in righteousness, (2 Tim 3:16), we start and finish every Sunday with God’s Word. We pray the Word with each other, sing the Word to God and to each other, and listen to and meditate on the Word as it is preached with careful consideration by our pastor.

GCC’s Order of Service

10:55am | Time of Preparation

After the time of prayer, there is a time of silent preparation before the beginning of the service which starts at 11am. This time is typically, during the 5 minutes before the beginning of the service and is used specifically to prepare our hearts and minds to worship our Creator God.

11:00am | Worship Service

During the service, there is prayer, the reading of God’s Word, corporate singing, giving, and the preaching of God’s Word. 

In addition to the order of the service, we also want you to expect to see a family of believers who use their God-given gifts and talents to love one another. Just as a body does not consist of one member but many (1 Cor 12:14), we strive as a church to function in such a way as to tangibly love one another with joy. Giving all praise to God as we desire to honor Him through our service to one another. 

As a church family, we rejoice in the Lord for who He is and what He has done for mankind through Jesus Christ, and it is because of this joy that we welcome you to join us at GCC in worshiping God in Spirit and truth. We are so looking forward to your visit!