History teaches that the Kingdoms of this world come and go. But why? Daniel 2 provides the answer. There is a kingdom that crushes all other kingdoms and this kingdom will have no end.
The book of Daniel teaches us how to live in a world that seeks to strip us of our unique identity as the people of God. Listen to learn the world's tactics and be prepared to defend yourself.
The winds of change are blowing across America. As Christians, we must be prepared to live in a culture that is becoming intolerant of our beliefs. The book of Daniel helps us how to live in our rapidly changing world.
A familiar theme runs through most Christmas movies. Believe! Just believe and becasue it's Christmas time everything will work out all right. But the reality is, at Christmas time as well as the rest of the year we find ourselves in situations and circumstances that try our faith and call us to believe God in spite of what we are experiencing at that moment. Luke wrote the gospel that bears his name to provide us with historical proof that Jesus was born of a virgin. If God is powerful enough to do that then He is more than capable of helping us handle the daily struggles of our lives.
Do you as a believer really expect God to answer your prayers? Do you become discouraged when God doesn't answer as quickly as you had hoped? Has God answered your prayer and then you struggled to believe the answer? If so you're not alone. Luke introduces us to a godly couple who prayed for decades and when God answered the prayer one of them struggled to believe the answer.

Motivation Matters

December 2, 2018
What is the Christian's motivation for obeying the Lord's Command? Then answer may surprise you!

Be Angry and Do Not Sin

November 11, 2018
Did you know that not all anger is sinful? In fact there is an anger God commands. There is a type of anger that pleases God. There is an anger that honors God. Listen to learn. Church Near Me - Grace Community Church in Berea