"God gives Gideon everything that he asked for. Did Gideon deserve it? Frankly, no. But God was gracious. God was patient. There's a real lesson to be learned there. The lesson for you and me today is that if you are in Christ, God the Father acts towards you in patience."
"Do we have people living in fear today? Do we have people who have lost the ability to provide for and to feed their families? Do we have people today who are wondering what God is doing during a pandemic? Well, the obvious answer is, of course we do. And what God did for his people then, he is still doing for his people today. Our God is a gracious God, who is gracious to his children in all periods of time, and in all cultures."

The Victory of Christ

April 12, 2020
"Listen, what is it that has you depressed and discouraged and fearful right now? Know this. Jesus has already conquered it."

Think it Through

April 5, 2020
"The question is, how can you and I maintain a biblical perspective on life during times of trouble? How can we regain, if we have lost it, a biblical perspective on life? In order for you and I to maintain a biblical perspective, you and I must take the time, and we must make the effort to think through our circumstances and to remember that God is a very present help in our time of trouble."
God is saying that, "Joshua, it's not what you know, it's who you know! If you know me, if you meditate on my Word, if you meditate on my Law, then you will succeed. Then, you will be prosperous. You can go out, Joshua, and study the art of war, but if you neglect my Word, you're going to lose." And isn't it amazing how many times we, as Christians, seek alternate advice, alternate counsel all the while, neglecting the Word of God. **originally preached on March 24, 2019**

Work Worries

March 15, 2020
"What do you do, as a Christian employee, when the commands of your boss collide with the commands of God?"
"Your work benefits your neighbor. You're doing good for others. You're performing some kind of activity that benefits not only yourself, but others. Your work provides you with the opportunity to do the will of God from the heart, to carry out the will of God with the right attitude, while providing you with the opportunity to serve with goodwill, to serve with a charitable and a helpful spirit".
"How have you responded, or how are you currently responding, to the circumstances of your job and perhaps that abrasive personality of your boss? Are you responding in such a way that God is glorified, or, is your response making your claim to faith in Christ ring hollow?"

Logical Worship

February 23, 2020
Worship is a Spirit-empowered response to the greatness of God in Christ as revealed in and according to God's Word for His glory. This week, you'll be a bit relieved.…