November 3, 2019
The moment you became God's child a target was place on you! How can you as God's child stand against the schemes of the devil? By being strong in the strength of the Lord and putting on the whole armor of God.
Many Christians are unaware and therefore unprepared for spiritual warfare. But that need not be the case. God has provided every believer with all the information they need to prepare for the fight. But God has provided more than information, He has provided us with strength for the fight!

The Great Conflict

September 15, 2019
Spiritual warfare is one of those subjects that the church rarely addresses but it should. Daniel 10 reveals the reality of spiritual warfare and the heavenly help given by our God on behalf of his children.

You Are Greatly Loved

September 8, 2019
Often overlooked in Daniel 9 are some special words that the angel Gabriel delivered to Daniel. Gabriel told Daniel that he was greatly loved. What was true for Daniel is true for all of God's adopted children.