The song writer wrote "Jesus Paid it all". But do we really understand the price Jesus paid for our redemption? Listen and learn how the Christian's redemption is accomplished.
Our salvation and God's glory cannot be separated. In light of all God has done for us the only proper response for the Christian is prasie.
How would you describe a Christian? Listen as the Apostle Paul describes the characteristics of a true Christian.
Christian are you living as a spiritual pauper? You shouldn't be. As a Christian God has made available to you the unfathomable riches of Christ!
When a Christian comes to the Lord's Table Jesus instructs us to remember him. But what exactly are we to remember? Listen and learn what every believer needs to remember…
Is your theology dependent upon your circumstances? Naomi's was and it led her to three false beliefs. Could you be like Naomi?

Our Divine Helper

February 28, 2016
Have you ever found yourself wanting to pray but not knowing what to pray for? Well don't despair the Holy Spirit is there to intercede for you.
One of the great benefits of our justification is our security as a believer.
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