"How do you have joy in trying times? How do you have joy when your movements are restricted? By understanding that in God's sovereignty, you are exactly where you are because, before the foundation of the world, that's where God appointed you to be."
"Be passionate, but not for your political party. Not for your political position. Be passionate for Christ and for people. Do you want to see change in our society? So do I. You want to live in a better world? So do I. Be a passionate evangelist. The world as a whole has a heart problem. We don't have a legal problem. We don't have a political problem. We have a heart problem. Until and unless those hearts are converted, we will be in this endless cycle of violence."
"When we read the Old Testament, we must read it with eyes, looking for the pointers, for the signpost, for the mile markers, if you will, that point us to the coming of Christ."

From Fear to Faith

May 10, 2020
"What qualified Gideon to be included in such a distinguished list of these great Old Testament saints? His faith. But what was the demonstration of his faith? It was his obedience, with this qualifier, his obedience in the face of his fears."