Heaven Awaits

September 30, 2018
Most people only think about heaven when a loved one die or the day of their own death draws near. Knowing about Heaven is for both living and dying.

Christ’s Cure for Lonliness

September 23, 2018
When a pastor takes time off from preaching normally his stress levels decline.  But I have to admit that for the past month I’ve experienced significant levels of stress.  On…

Bless The Lord O My Soul

August 26, 2018

What is it that determines the lifestyle of the believer? It is the doctrine they believe. Listen and learn why understanding the right doctrine is critical to living as a…
The task of the church is to maintain the unity created by the Holy Spirit. But unity is not the same as uniformity. The church is to be characterized by…
What are the characteristics of the worthy walk all believers all called to live? The first and maybe most important one is humility. Listen and learn!
A new life requires a new way of living. That is the Apostle Paul's argument in Ephesians 4:1-6
In Ephesians 4 Paul encourages all believer's to walk in a manner worthy of their calling and it all hinges on one word.
Discipleship is helping others understand the Scriptures so that they can make progress in sanctification and becoming more like Christ.
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