"When we read the Old Testament, we must read it with eyes, looking for the pointers, for the signpost, for the mile markers, if you will, that point us to the coming of Christ."
"What qualified Gideon to be included in such a distinguished list of these great Old Testament saints? His faith. But what was the demonstration of his faith? It was his obedience, with this qualifier, his obedience in the face of his fears."
"God gives Gideon everything that he asked for. Did Gideon deserve it? Frankly, no. But God was gracious. God was patient. There's a real lesson to be learned there. The lesson for you and me today is that if you are in Christ, God the Father acts towards you in patience."
"Do we have people living in fear today? Do we have people who have lost the ability to provide for and to feed their families? Do we have people today who are wondering what God is doing during a pandemic? Well, the obvious answer is, of course we do. And what God did for his people then, he is still doing for his people today. Our God is a gracious God, who is gracious to his children in all periods of time, and in all cultures."