Recommended books


Holiness may be one of the most neglected topics in the Christian life today. Ryle argued it was the same in his day as well.

What is a healthy church?

Jesus died for the church and has placed us in the church to grow in our knowledge of Him and become more like Him. In

The Disciplines of Grace

The A to Z of the Christian life is grace. Bridges writes in a compelling style showing how grace is what saves us and empowers

Knowing Christ

Similar to Packer’s Knowing God, Knowing Christ will grow your love for Jesus. Jones draws heavily on the writings of the Puritans to enlarge our

Pilgrim’s Progress

A classic. Bunyan takes us on an allegorical journey of the Christian life. If you want to understand the Christian life this will help.

The Pleasures of God

Piper meditates on God’s delight in being God. God is infintely in Himself. God has pleasure in our salvation, His works, and prayer. Unlike any

Knowing God

Jesus said the eternal life was knowing God the Father and the Son (John 7:3). We cannot enjoy the gift of eternal life Jesus gave

The Gospel According To Jesus

Can we accept Jesus as our Savior but not Lord? MacArthur answers this question by examining Jesus’ teaching on the gospel. If you want clear